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Lowes OPE SOS Training: Model and Part Number Lookup Assistance
RP/XP Guidelines for OPE

Use this table as a guide to confirm that the correct handling fees are applied to SOS orders:

Handling Fees
Part # Orders Dollar Values Between: Handling Fee
HF 0.01 24.99 $0.01 and $16.24 $4.99
HF 25.00 49.99 $16.25 and $32.49 $7.99
HF 50.00 99.99 $32.50 and $64.99 $9.99
*$100.00 or More* $65.00 and UP *No HF Charge*
This chart is for Customer Service Agents to use when quoting Lowe’s SOS store placed orders This chart is based on the Lowe’s store costs as displayed on your CODIS screen *** Exceptional Freight Charges will apply to SOS orders above $65.00 if NDA,2ndDayAir, or LTL shipping is requested***

EFI - Next Day Air                            (Lowe’s agent must call for quote)
EF2 - 2nd Day Air                             (Lowe’s agent must call for quote)
EF3 - HI/AK                                      (must be included/quoted on each order, in addition to the normal HF as noted above – cost is $19.00)
EF4 - Direct Delivery to a Customer (is not currently being used)
Ef5 - 3rd Day Delivery                      (is not currently being used)
EF6 - Parcel Ground Delivery           (is $14.99 and is currently used for XP Requests)
EF7 – LTL Standard Delivery           ($59.00)